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Multiples and Factors – Help Packets





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Multiples – All Levels

This four page help packet covers multiples. It includes basic multiples, common multiples, and


Teacher misunderstanding: Yes, there are shortcuts to finding the LCM, but this usually confuses the
average student. What helps a lot of students is relating multiplication to addition. Try this two page worksheet.
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Preview of Multiples - ALL LEVELS

Factors – All Levels

This eight page help packet covers factoring. It includes common factors; GCF; basic divisibility
rules for 2, 3, and 5; prime numbers; and factor trees.

Key concept: This help packet is great for classroom discussion on easier definitions. As you progress
through the packet have students create their own definitions for factors, GCF, prime numbers, and factor trees.


Preview of Factoring - ALL LEVELS

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