Math Crush provides users with access to a new and innovative way of teaching math through its website. Members pay a basic subscription fee and have unlimited access to our material. uses PDF files for you to download and print. All you need is a computer,
printer, internet access, and a PDF reader, and your ready to go.


There are a few free programs out their that allow you to view and print PDF files. The big name is
Adobe Reader, but
Foxit Reader has been getting great reviews from
computer magazines and users.


If you are not sure if your computer is compatible, first try downloading and printing a few of our
free samples.


On the left side of the home page is a list of what we currently offer. Click on a subject and it will take you to a sub-category
page where you will be asked, “What are you looking for?” You will usually have three choices (worksheets, help packets, or books).
Click on the specific one you want and it will list all the lessons and activities for that category.


All our material is separated into three levels: Level 1 (easy), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (difficult). We do not like
to label our material by grade, because all students are at different levels. But if you ever need assistance in deciding what
level to use please contact us.


Visitors and future subscribers may view all of the material and even print out a few samples. Just
click on the section you want, and it will take you to a more detailed page. To preview any of the handouts or books just click on
preview, and it will produce a sample picture for you to view.


Subscribers have full access to the sight. You may preview all the handouts and books, and download
or print when ever you want.


*We are currently offering a low introductory subscription fee of
only $16.99 for your first year.*

The yearly subscription fee is $19.95 (USD) for one year. *$16.99*


A year equals the date you joined to the same date the following year. We do NOT do automatic renewals
once your subscription has expired. Fees are in United States Dollar. If you need to check the approximate conversion rate based on your
country please visit Yahoo’s
Currency Converter
to assist you.


By becoming a member you have the freedom to print our pages at home and not deal with the daily copy machine hassle.
No more carrying around books and looking through endless pages to find one good handout. Just visit our site, look for your topic,
preview, and print. We’re always just a few clicks away.


A Subscription allows one person access to all materials on the website for their personal needs or the
students enrolled in their classroom. The materials may only be used for instruction during the term of the license. The user will
receive one unique username and password, which he or she is obligated to use only for their personal or classroom needs.
If a subscriber is found to be sharing a password with others who have not subscribed or producing materials for non-subscribers, the
user’s subscription will be immediately canceled without refund.


Groups, schools, and school districts wishing to join must purchase user names and
passwords for every teacher planning to use material. Each person under the agreement must follow the same terms of
service as an individual user. If any related subscriber is found to be sharing a password with others who have not subscribed or
producing materials for non-subscribers, all subscriptions will become void and be immediately canceled without refund.


Registered users can log in from any computer as long as the materials are used for their personal
use or for their students. Your username and password must be kept confidential.


Registered users may download and print as many copies as needed to serve their personal needs
or the students enrolled in their classroom.


Permission to use downloaded materials is valid for the duration of the subscription term.
Continued classroom use requires a current Math Crush License. Math Crush is constantly updating and improving its materials.
Our goal is to become your number one source for math material, and we encourage you to visit often.


For additional information please visit our Privacy Statement
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We believe in the highest quality, but we also strive to produce enough quantity to satisfy
all our subscribers. This occasionally leads to a conflict between quality and quantity.

1. Due to our relentless fast pace, once in a blue moon errors might occur. If you find
any mistakes please contact us so we can correct the problem immediately.

2. We are constantly creating new handouts and books, but if you
feel we are missing important educational material please contact us, and we will
try our best to satisfy your needs.


At Math Crush we realize all of our subscribers have their own personal needs. Your satisfaction is
very important to us, but we can not guarantee the completion of all new requests. When we design new material we study trends and
current educational concerns. We then attempt to fulfill the requests of the majority of our subscribers.


We like to thank all the new support we have received in such a short time. You have
shown us that we are on the right path. Even though it’s been a long and windy road, we look forward to all the new discoveries
behind each turn. Our adventure has just begun, and we’re glad you have joined us for the ride. Thank you for your support and


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