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Division Books


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Basic Division Book
Level 1

This basic division book is designed for early learners. It starts with explaining how division is used to seperate numbers into groups. It uses counting to introduce this process, and then connects division and multiplication together (families). It covers division facts up to 13 and also introduces other ways to show division. Included: cutting numbers in half, other fractions, and dividing multiples of 10. This book has 53 activity pages.

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Front cover to Basic Division Book - Level 1

Division Book
Level 2

This is a division book for students who already understand multiplication and know their basic divison facts. The main topic is long division. It starts with dividing by one digit and shows the process of long division. The book also covers dividing by two digits and using estimation to help solve larger numbers. This book has 57 activity pages.

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Front cover to Division Book - Level 2

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