Math Crush is a new and innovative way of teaching math. Its goal is to become the leading provider
of internet delivered math material for educators, students, and parents.



MathCrush.com is designed and operated by math teachers who feel there has to be a better way. Our staff
has over 40 years experience in the math field. All of us are certificated or higher, and still on the front line of education.
We range from elementary up to high school. Our personnel are actual teachers who know what it’s truly like to have 35 students
at multiple levels with various needs, problems, and desires.

Over the years teachers have been given two choices of books: The no thrill, drill and kill; or the cute pictures with
minimum practice. Neither of them have simple straight forward explanations that parents or children can understand. In
the classroom we are constantly modifying our lessons so children can comprehend what the books are trying to teach them.
As more and more teachers, parents, and students complained about math books, we realized the educational field is going
in the wrong direction. Instead of making books with complex terminology and unnecessary jargon, why not create a book for
kids? Just because it has a giant picture of a baseball field doesn’t make it student friendly. Why not create material that
a child might actually want to read? Integrating our computer and “wanna be” art skills we created a more interesting way of
teaching math. Let’s face it kids want to be entertained and why shouldn’t math be fun.



The concept of using a comic book format to teach kids math actually came from one of our students.
The child was one of our more passionate math students. You know the one who contributes in class and does all his homework. Well one
day he was caught reading a comic book in class. Our brains started to twirl and ideas started to flow, and the question kept coming
up over and over. Why not incorporate a comic book into math? After many artistic differences, and trials and errors, Max and Poe were

All of us remember the first time we tested the idea on our students. They were so eager to read.
Students were arguing who gets to be which character. Some were changing their voices and acting out the character as they read.
All of our classes wanted to read over and over. It was a wonderful experience to see every child involved and on task with just
one piece of paper. We knew we had something that worked.


Max and Poe

Max and Poe are your guides in the sometimes frightening and confusing world of math. We created
them to make math more relaxing and less stressful. Anyone with a child knows that all children want to be entertained, but not all
teachers want to be the entertainer. MathCrush.com was designed for that job. Our handouts and books are great for independent
learning, down time, or cooling off periods during the day. Use them for reading aloud and getting children more involved. They’re
terrific for homework and home school children. They are designed in a simple straightforward manner where children can actually
teach themselves. We feel math can be fun and cute without taking away the basics.


Why on the Internet?

Because it is delivered over the Internet, MathCrush.com is a constantly changing program.
Almost every week new material is added, which means you have access to an ever expanding wealth of information. We use our
classroom experience and students to create new and more productive ways of educating. All of our material is tested and actually
used before being placed on Mathcrush.com.


Quantity vs Quality

We believe in the highest quality, but we also strive to produce enough quantity to satisfy
all our subscribers. This occasionally leads to a conflict between quality and quantity.

1. Due to our relentless fast pace, once in a blue moon errors might occur. If you find any
mistakes please contact us so we can correct the problem immediately.

2. We are constantly creating new handouts and books, but if you feel we are missing important
educational material please contact us, and we will try our best to satisfy your needs.
Please see our Member Information page for more details.



Math Crush believes the basics are the foundation to math. So many children are lost because
they never had the chance to create this solid backbone for their future in mathematics. If we take the time now students will
have a better chance in crushing math or maybe still have a crush for it when they’re older. Not every child is going to be an
engineer or scientist, but they will need to know the basics for their everyday lives. Most importantly, any student wanting to
go to college needs a passing grade in mathematics.